Cavendish Road House, Kilburn London, UK

Sensitive refurbishment of the ground floor of an existing two-storey early 20th century mansion house situated in a conservation area in Kilburn, North London.

The project included the introduction of a single storey 50m2 partially sunken rear extension lying within the extensive rear garden forming part of the property.

The extension consists of a structural steel frame resting on a reinforced concrete slab. Timber joists span between the steel frame, with glazing and masonry cladding the elevation. Heave protection was required under the slab. Low retaining walls delineate two side of the extension and mass underpins were required under the boundary wall along one side of the extension.

The main works in the existing house consisted of forming strategic openings in existing loadbearing walls to suit the client’s brief. This entailed delicate structural interventions and corresponding careful temporary works.

Project completed in 2017.