Structural Engineering

The majority of our work relates to the design of building structures.

We collaborate with architects and clients from the earliest design stages of projects to create elegant and efficient building structures that align with architectural aspirations whilst endeavouring to reduce unnecessary complexities and facilitate construction.

We deliver quality designs in line with our clients’ needs and offer structural engineering consultancy design services for residential, commercial and cultural projects, both new build and refurbishments.

Al Bahr Towers
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Bridge Engineering

Bridges are important assets in the built environment, impacting local and broader socio-economics and regeneration.

We build on our wealth of experience in the design of bridges to engage with clients and architects from the initial project stages to create beautiful and efficient bridges that are both economical and easy to construct.

Our main interest in this field lies in the design of pedestrian bridges, and we are equally keen in the design of other forms of bridges which provide added value to the socio-economic environment to which they pertain.


We work closely with clients and other consultants from the inception stages of projects to produce well-thought architecture resulting in beautiful, functional and adaptable buildings.

We deliver quality buildings in line with our clients’ needs.

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Terni bridge Italy

Futureproofing buildings

KonceptX provides strategic advice on futureproofing the building asset as an enhanced service of its core structural engineering consultancy.

We assess how the asset can adapt to new uses in the future and advise how such measures can be implemented. This approach provides added value by accommodating future opportunities provided by the building fabric.

We carry out research on this topic through our academic collaborations.